Who has two thumbs and abandons blogs?

May 12, 2020

In all seriousness, I’ve been looking for work since the beginning of the year. I was fortunate that a friend was able to direct me towards a position. I spent a good chunk of April interviewing and I’m happy to announce that I started work on the 27th. I am now spending my days learning everything I can about my new work environment and all the new patterns and projects that come with it.

Moving Forward

I am planning to continue working on content as well as the site itself. Articles and design may be delayed while I also spend a fair amount of time getting up to speed on the new job duties. But I hope to do better than one article a month as we move forward.

Real Life Wins

Outside of work stuff, I decided to join the Quarantine Sourdough Club. I followed Alton Brown’s Wild Sourdough Starter Guide. During the time it took to get the starter going, I somewhat obsessively researched how to make sourdough bread. I stumbled upon the Basics with Babish article and YouTube video where he and Josh Weissman made bread. My first attempt came out kind of rough, but attempt two, well see for yourself:

Sourdough Bread
Crumb Shot

Anyhow, I hope everyone is doing what they can to stay happy and healthy during this time.

Written by R.James Solenberg who is an AWS Solutions Architect and Linux Sys Admin living in Indianapolis, Indiana. Follow him on Twitter